French Doors and Patio Doors
Looking for a way to expand the look and feel of your room?

Why not add French doors or patio doors to help integrate your interior space with the outdoors?

There is a wide selection of French doors and sliding patio doors on the market. From traditional doors with mullion cross sections to wide, open contemporary glass styles, there are door designs to fit any home style.
French Doors: Let There Be Light--And Unobstructed Traffic
You don't have to be a movie star to make your entrance through a set of French doors. If you're looking for a way to liven-up a room and make it appear more spacious, consider making a window a door. When you replace a window with a set of French doors, you've opened the way for foot traffic. Or, if you yearn for the look of French doors but want to make a smaller change, consider replacing a sliding door with an exterior French door.
Selecting an Entry Door Style
If you want to dramatically change the front of your house, start with your entry door. A new entry door with etched glass sidelights and a bold transom window can make an important design statement. This is one home improvement project that can provide a good return on investment.
Replacement Door
When shopping for a new door, you may encounter words that you recognize but don't really understand. A contractor can reference the size of the doorjamb or ask you whether you want doorlites. Do you want a 'flush' door or a 'panelled door?' Here's a look at some common door terminology to help you weather this important home improvement purchase.
Selecting an Exterior Door Material

An exterior door not only keeps out the cold, but sets the tone for your home's entryway. Add a solid mahogany replacement door with etched glass sidelights, and the neighbors will know you've arrived. Try a basic wooden exterior door with a half moon glass panel at the top and you'll have something stylish and energy efficient. Get the skinny on exterior doors!

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